Sam Gendel has shared the new single from his upcoming 4444 album on Terrible Records.

The LP is set to drop on November 17 digitally, as well as a standard 12″ and limited edition 12″—each of which will arrive hand numbered and hand signed with a one-of-a-kind handwritten note, specific to each sleeve. The new single, “Promise Is,” is a beautifully crafted slice of trippy pop music inspired by a scene from Citizen Kane, as Gendel explains:

“This song came into existence after I watched Citizen Kane. There is a point in the film when Charles Foster Kane prints a “Declaration of Principles” for his readers of the New York Inquirer, stating that the paper will always tell the news honestly and champion the rights of its readers “as citizens and as human beings.” And yet Kane, like so many who have made this promise in both cinematic and real life, eventually crumbles under the weight of fame, fortune, and beautiful lovers. “Promise Is” is my Citizen Kane moment, but it’s a cliffhanger, right?”

You can listen to the single below, with the album available for pre-order here.