Sam Wilkes will release his debut album in October, titled Wilkes, via Leaving Records

Wilkes is a Los-Angeles bassist and an integral part of his city’s thriving jazz scene. He’s best known for his work with saxophonist Sam Gendel, Louis Cole, and KNOWER band, as well as a funk outfit Scary Pockets. He last appeared on Leaving with Music for Saxofone and Bass in collaboration with Gendel, who pops up again on Wilkes, as does drummer Louis Cole—who is newly signed to Brainfeeder and part of Knower—guitarist Brian Green, and more. We’re told that the record “offers a small glimpse into the burgeoning jazz scene percolating in Los Angeles,” and that it’s the first part of a two-part chapter. 

It’s the product of realizing that I had to make my own art, instead of just working with/for other projects (as I had done up until this point). Upon jumping into that pool and then swimming on my own for the first time, I realized that I could compose and produce the music that I want to hear; which I got very excited about. I have a pretty belligerent need to create and once I began, working on my own music became a daily necessity for fulfilment and to deal with what I was going through at the time

I expressed this through composition, production, sonics, and creating and curating an environment for Sam Gendel’s, Brian Green’s, Louis Cole’s, and Christian Euman’s genius to be heard and featured. It’s a snapshot, one that I worked so hard on, of who and where I was from 2015-2017.Sam Wilkes


01. Welcome

02. Today

03. Run

04. Tonight

05. Hug

06. Descending

Wilkes will land on October 5 via Leaving with “Tonight” streaming in full via the player below.