Plug Research’s multi-instrumentalist Samamidon loves folk as much as he does quasi-G Funk keyboards, floating pianos, and soft vocals, all of which he uses in his own work. Here, Sam gives us his top 10 albums of the last 10 years, proving his musical tastes are as much a mixed bag as the tracks on his new album, But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted (Plug Research).

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Samamidon’s Top 10 Albums of the Last 10 Years

1. D’AngeloVoodooVirgin
D’Angelo is probably the messiah. The absolute best rhythm ever in music is on this album.

2. Arthur DoyleElectro-Acoustic EnsembleNational Conspiracy (Carbon Records CDR series)
Contemporary music concepts and cultural dichotomies are funneled/obliterated through a funhouse lens of battered, free-jazz soul, screaming saxophones, turntables, and singing by my favorite American postmodernist or post-post whatever.

3. Filament29092000Amoebic
Flossing for your ears–it cleans them out, occasionally causes them to bleed, and allows you to contemplate microscopic regions of the universe that you never knew existed.

4. Missy ElliottMiss E…So AddictiveElektra

5. Chris WhitleyDirt FloorMessenger
This album was recorded near where Thomas and I grew up, in southern Vermont. It’s the Pink Moon of the current age, and is sadder and possibly better. RIP Chris Whitley.

6. Bruce Greene and Loy McWhirterCome Near My Loveself-released
A record of old folksongs–dark, sad, and strange–sung, acapella, in almost unbearably spare and close harmony by this reclusive and legendary pair. Bruce is the foremost collector of eastern Kentucky fiddle music, Loy is a printmaker and writer. The missing link between John and Yoko, Johnny Cash and June Carter, and Morton Feldman.

7. Bjork Vespertine One Little Indian, Yo La TengoI Can Hear The Heart Beating As One Matador, and Cat Power You Are Free Matador
You love these records. So does Samamidon.

8. Marc RibotSaintsAtlantic
I’m really enjoying talking with you about this topic! This is a solo record by the legendary downtown guitarist (Tom Waits, Lounge Lizards, etc).

9. Eyvind KangLive Low to the Earth/In the Iron Age Abduction

10. Mark Hollis S/T Polydor
Have you guys heard this record? I was just introduced to it by Shannon from Stars Like Fleas. Mark Hollis was the leader of the band Talk Talk. This is his solo record, from 1998, totally acoustic: guitar, piano, oboe, drums, violin, etc., recorded live to two stereo mics, chair creaks included. Beautiful songwriting exists right on this album.

Have a nice day! -Sam