Sami Baha will release a debut album via Planet Mu next month.

Baha is a Turkish producer based in South East London. His music was introduced to the world via his 2016 Planet Mu EP Mavericks, and he released “Discreet” (ft. Dimzy) last month. He found his way into producing through being a rapper himself, working with local rappers in Turkey and producing beats for them, before setting his sights outside the country.

Free For All features MCs from all corners of the globe: UK drill squad 67’s Dimzy, Stockholm’s Yung Lean, and Chicago rapper and singer DJ Nate (a.k.a Flexxbabii). The record also features Egyptian MCs Dawsha and Abanob.


01. Cash Rain
02. Discreet (ft. Dimzy)
03. Aliens
04. Gambit
05. Thugs (ft. DJ Nate)
06. Free For All
07. NAH
08. When The Sun’s Gone (ft. Yung Lean)
09. Path Riot
10. Glory (ft. Kufura)
11. Ahl El M8na (ft. Dawsha & Abanob)
12. Limbo
13. Cold Pursuit

Free For All will land on June 1 via Planet Mu, with “Thugs” (ft. DJ Nate) streaming here.