Finally, the Get Physical guru responsible for one of the year’s craziest accordion-tech anthems (“Heater”) is scheduled to pass through the States for some long-awaited dates. Berlin-based Samim has acted as a voice for tech-house innovation for years now, releasing singles and remixes for the likes of Crosstown Rebels, Tuningspork, dirtybird, and of course, Get Physical. After taking a leave of absence in 2004 due to cancer illness, the producer is back three-fold with his most dynamic work to date.

Citing a troupe of influences, from industrial to hip-hop and even a little Latin, the Swiss-Iranian producer has mastered the act of composing one hypnotic track after the next, and has no apparent fear of venturing into the realm of odd, and sometimes noisy instrumentation. His latest offering, Flow (Get Physical) finds Samim experimenting with odd time signatures, a steady flow of unique percussive sounds (both acoustic and electronic), and nearly every song thumps with as much urgency as their predecessors. If you have the means, watch the tech-house revolutionary in action.

Tour Dates
11/21 New york, NY: Minimoo
11/24 Los Angeles, CA: Compression
12/01 San Francisco, CA: the Endup