Save for a couple of high-profile production credits, LA beatmaker Sam Baker (a.k.a. Samiyam) has been especially quiet since he dropped his Sam Baker’s Album LP via Brainfeeder in 2011. But as the just-announced release of his Wish You Were Here cassette indicates, the producer was quietly at work on his own material, too. In partnership with Leaving Records, the 16-track offering hit the Stones Throw store today as a digital download or t-shirt & tape bundle. Baker said this about Wish You Were Here: “I’m just trying to show where I’m coming from. I’m not about futuristic spaceship beats, just straightforward hip-hop.” Before Samiyam’s new cassette gets a wide release on October 8, its tracklist and a full stream of new track “Snakes on the Moon” can be found below.

1. Announcement
2. Pandas
3. Lunch Meat
4. On a Limb (feat. Evidence)
5. Dreams (Green Feelings)
6. Rice Crackers
7. Forget It
8. Waves
9. Come Thru
10. This L
11. Italy
12. Stuff
13. On a Bad Day
14. Wooden Backhand
15. Snakes on the Moon
16. Hummus (feat. The Alchemist)