Ancestral Voices‘ debut 2015 album on Samurai Horo has been given the remix treatment, to be released on two discs this July.

Liam Blackburn released his debut album as Ancestral Voices last year: a work of experimental techno entitled Night Of Visions. Almost a year on, Samurai Horo has recruited a handful of producers to remix four cuts from the LP, across two separate EPs.

On the first EP Swedish producer and Northern Electronics label head Abdulla Rashim reshapes “Invocations,” while ASC & Sam KDC tackle “Feathered Serpent.” On the second part of the remix package Pact Infernal offers a dramatic rework of “Vine of the Soul.” The flip side is handled by Contort head honcho Samuel Kerridge, who requested to use elements from two of the album’s cuts, “Sleepless Night, First Light” and “Ritual Terre,” creating a new track—”Sleepless Ritual.”

Night of Visions Remixed Part 1 is due out July 1, and Night of Visions Remixed Part 2 will follow on July 29. Stream snippets from Part 1 below.