Experimental Housewife has revealed Quaggy, a new EP written this month.

The San Francisco producer, real name Evelyn Marie Malinowski, describes Quaggy as a “departure” from her usual palette, “although the same musical personality.” She recorded it in the fashion of studio takes which she sent into an eight-track recorder rather than a computer. Because of this, the EP has an instrumentalist and improvisational element to it, as well as an experimental, psychedelic spirit. It is totally sample free, which is rare for Malinowski.

As for the name: Quaggy means swampy terrain unstable for foundations, and in this case it refers to the uncertainty of the times, and “my own personal bog in which I find myself sinking due to dissertation writing and being unable to reach the world,” Malinowski explains. With this project, Quaggy became the name of the “moody, trickster spirit unleashed in producing these songs.”

You can read more on Experimental Housewife with her XLR8R podcast here.


01. Quaggy’s Intro
02. Quaggy’s Dancefloor Revenge
03. Quaggy’s Guide to the Sky
04. Quaggy’s Sky Dub

Quaggy EP is out digitally on July 3. Meanwhile, you can stream “Quaggy’s Dancefloor Revenge” via Bandcamp below.