Bryce Hackford will release his third album, Safe (Exits), through Spring Theory in April.

The New York musician recorded the album during a week-long migration to Margate‚Äôs PRAH Foundation. Armed with several rhythm and keyboard parts, he invited musicians from various backgrounds to come to improvise on the tracks, with little guidance from himself, and not knowing quite where the results would end up. Mixing and arranging the tracks later revealed what the label describes as “unique wizardry” to the collaborations, and these became the album.

Across eight tracks, Hackford’s sparse but detailed rhythms bring their own energy that each musician taps into, and the results are said to be far more powerful than either could conjure up alone.

The featured musicians include: Kiki Kudo, Brian Close and Justin Tripp (Georgia), Gabi AsFOUR (ThreeAsFour), Matt Evans, David Lackner (Blue Jazz TV, Galtta), Adrian Knight (Blue Jazz TV), Frank Lyon (Ouecha, Pearl Necklace), Bernardo Vasquez (Different Fountains), Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Future Shuttle, Perfect Wave), and Viktor Timofeev.


01. Einmal
02. Fetish Present
03. Zajal
04. Holy Mountains
05. Deep Voices
06. After Sun
07. Coast (Maybe)
08. Harbor

Safe (Exits) LP is out April 9, with clips streaming below. Meanwhile, pre-order is available here.