The music of Faunts could easily be described as epic, cinematic, and entirely remixable. Thus, the Canadian five-piece outfit has handed its tunes over to friends who are up for the task of reworking them.

Said characters include Portland’s Copy, S.F.-based producer Boy in Static, one-man disco machine San Serac, and others, each remixing tracks from Faunts’ first two releases, High Expectations/Low Results and the more recent M4 EP. Faunts Remixed, all 14 tracks of it, will drop November 18 on Friendly Fire Recordings.

Also stay tuned for the group’s forthcoming full-length, Feel.Love.Thinking.Of, which is slated for a February 2009 release. For the moment, thee remixes should do.

Faunts Remixed:
01 “M4 (Part I)” (DVAS Macho Mix)
02 “Memories of Places We’ve Never Been” (T.H. White Remix)
03 “M4 (Part II)” (The Paronomasiac Remix)
04 “Place I’ve Found” (Mark Templeton Remix)
05 “23” (Cadence Weapon Dogcatcher Remix)
06 “Parler de la Pluie et du Beau Temps” (Copy Remix)
07 “Instantly Loved” (San Serac Instantly Dubbed Mix)
08 “Gone With The Day” (Graham Lessard Remix)
09 “Will You Tell Me Then” (Boy in Static Remix)
10 “Instantly Loved” (Set Transition Remix)
11 “Of Nature” (Brightest Feathers Remix)
12 “Memories of Places We’ve Never Been” (Domer Does Disco Remix)
13 “Parler de la Pluie et du Beau Temps” (Beaner’s Sleepy Mix)
14 “Gone With The Day” (Faunts Stars Are Out Remix)