San Serac, Baltimore native and established disco revivalist, has announced the release of his new EP, Music Never Ends, due to hit the streets November 10 on Environ Records. The digital download also includes a quirky remix by labelmate—and label head—Morgan Geist. This short-but-sweet four-song EP continues San Serac’s tendency of using trancey synth lines coupled with faux-horn and bass, resulting in a throwback to some good ol’-fashioned electrofunk. That’s not to say Music Never Ends is time-stamped, though, as San Serac’s unabashedly soulful voice revitalizes the music with a refined spunk. The end result is a pleasant time warp to an ’80s-era Brooklyn from a Spike Lee joint—kickin’ it with your homies on the stoop while lamenting racial subjugation and celebrating an oddly unfounded youthful optimism. Peep the tracklist:

1. “Music Never Ends”
2. “Night Work”
3. “Style”
4. “Music Never Ends” (Morgan Geist Remix)