Saoirse will launch her Trust label with her much-anticipated first solo release.

Saoirse’s first forays in electronic music came in Dublin, Ireland at a young age, when she’d accompany her mother to free parties and raves. She’s been collecting records for 20 years and playing them out in public for nearly a decade, with particular focus on London. Her sets broadly sit within the realms of house and techno, but she’ll also present her favorite dub, jazz, electro, garage, and records, plus some surprises. Trust 001 comprises four tracks, each of which tries to “capture a different dancefloor feeling.”

The launch of Trust comes at a point when Saoirse is finally able to trust in her own ability, hence its name. It will continue to present “music made for dancefloors” from Saoirse, her friends, and her favorite producers either as solo artists or as collaborators.

“I started writing music many years ago but pulled back from it over and over because I never believed it was good enough, constantly comparing myself to other writers I loved, questioning whether I should tailor my music to sound more like what’s on labels I liked so it was accepted by them. A constant state of imposter syndrome,” Saoirse said in a social media post. “Last year during the first lockdown, I went back to the studio full time and just kept writing and writing, the only positive escape I had from crippling anxiety and the world imploding, and eventually I started to trust in the music I was writing. Trust in my own ability. Trust in music for the dancefloor, nothing more, nothing less and that’s ok.”


A1. Trust
A2. (.)(.)
B1. Drop The Bass
B2. La Burbuja

Trust 001 EP is scheduled for July 26 release on vinyl. Meanwhile, you can stream the full release below and pre-order here.