Thanks to BPitch Control’s Sascha Funke, we now know that minimal techno DJs are in fact capable of making music in places where the sun shines and the climate calls for smiles and relaxation. The producer and remixer headed off to the South of France recently–a highly publicized decision, it seems–with labelmate Paul Kalkbrenner in tow, and caught both sunshine and inspiration. The result is a great tan for Funke, and a new 12″ for fans to enjoy.

“Auf Aix,” is straightforward, no-nonsense techno with a dry, steady beat designed for the dancefloor. Flip to “Ey” on side b, where some bubbling synth melodies mingle with fuzzy percussion and a vocal sample that shouts–you guessed it–”ey!” The latter track was supposedly born of an argument Sascha and Paul had while on the trip, but we’ll overlook the scuffle since obviously more good than bad came of the impromptu holiday.

“Auf Aix” is out February 12, 2007 on BPitch Control.