Sasu Ripatti will debut on Planet Mu with an album inspired by rap and footwork.

Ripatti, from Finland, has been torching the fringes of electronic music since the mid 1990s. From the skeletal jazz deconstructions of his 1997 debut as Vladislav Delay, The Kind of Blue, to the blurred dub techno variations of 2000’s Multila and 2012’s Kuopio, Ripatti has exhibited a voracious passion for sound. Fun is Not A Straight Line builds on this legacy, retaining his sonic signature and adding a playfulness that “harks back” to his deep house smash as Luomo, “Vocalcity,” we’re told.

Across 11 tracks, Ripatti draws from rap music’s rhythmic complexity and anarchic structures. “I bought Nas’ Illmatic when it came out in ’94 and have more or less been listening to rap since,” he explains. “I’m not really sure why now, but that rap influence wanted to come through.”

We’re told that the album is flavoured by chopped rap vocals, booming subs, and gritty, neck-snapping beats, drawing a crooked line between DJ Premier, DJ Screw, and DJ Rashad to form the “most accessible” and “unashamedly enjoyable” album Ripatti has produced in years.

The album’s fifth track, “Flowers,” was released last year as part of Planet Mu’s 25-year anniversary compilation.

In February, Ripatti revealed a new album, Rakka II, as Vladislav Delay. To learn more about his work, check out his studio feature with XLR8R here.


01. filthyfresh
02. cmonolith
03. motherfuckyou
04. speedmemories
05. flowers
06. everyday
07. 90 dreams
08. wants interlude
09. videophonekitty
10. movathat
11. girl is hip

Fun Is Not A Straight Line LP is scheduled for June 25 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “speedmemories” and “flowers” below and pre-order here.