Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti, who has released music under many a guise— Luomo and Uusitalo, to name two—for going on two decades, will release his next full-length album as Vladislav Delay via Berlin label Raster-Noton next month. Following last year’s Vantaa LP, Kuopio is said to reflect Ripatti’s penchant for experimental, beat-driven electronic music, and “attempt to depict the Finnish landscape, as well as its isolated charm.” Kuopio will be released on November 26, but you can stream a medley of sounds from the album below (which are paired with visuals by AGF for Vladislav Delay’s upcoming live show), where you’ll also find the artwork and tracklist.

01. Vastaa
02. Hetkonen
03. Avanne
04. Kellute
05. Osottava
06. Kulkee
07. Marsila
08. Hitto
09. Kuuluuko

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