In what is shaping up to be a rather busy end of the year run for the Hotflush label head, Paul Rose is set to add to his forthcoming DJ Kicks contribution and latest Scuba single, “Adrenalin” (which is out today), with a pair of tunes being released under his SCB moniker. As shown in the excellent XLR8Rpodcast the man dropped early this year, Rose’s SCB project is more aligned with deep 4/4 techno and house than the forward-thinking dubstep he’s traditionally made as Scuba. But as the Berlin-based producer edges towards more house-friendly territory with his latest Scuba effort, it appears that SCB is equally beginning to move towards a bit darker territory on the forthcoming “Mace” b/w “Overlay” single. So far, we’ve got no audio to share in order to back this claim up, but you’ll be able to verify our findings soon enough, when the single drops on October 24 via Rose’s own SCB imprint. For now, you can check the artwork below.