The urban lifestyle is a hard thing to map, but the people at Scion seem to have a fairly comprehensive understanding of the phrase. The car company and marketing agency has outdone itself once again by organizing Wan2BSquares–an art exhibition featuring seven diverse, internationally renowned artists exemplifying all things urban (and boxy).

In celebration of Scion’s 2008 xB urban utility vehicle (yes that’s the car that looks like a box on wheels), each of the seven artists have fashioned pieces in the shape of boxes, squares, and cubes to hang from ceilings at their respective venues in both New York and Los Angeles. Said artists include Dalek, Sage Vaughn, Maya Hayuk, Matzu MTP, Kelsey Brookes, Freddi C, and UPSO–a mighty cast of color-loving mindbenders.

Each of the seven artists come from different geographical regions, from Connecticut to Tokyo, and like their respective backgrounds, their kooky art varies immensely. Whether it’s Dalek’s post-graffiti, kaleidoscopic cartoon characters or Maya Hayuk’s geometrical-rainbow freak-outs, each of the artists have garnered praise from urbanites and high-end galleries across the map.

A New York edition of this show was held April 6 at the fancy Skylight Studios, with party lords The Rub at the DJ reigns. Now, L.A. gets a taste with DJ Denimslinger and DJ Ramses pumping out the jams at Scion’s very own installation space. All seven artists will be present, and the art is available for purchase (yes, they get the money). Oh, and there’s an open bar–isn’t art rad?

The Want2BSqure Show L.A. opens to the public on April 21, 2007.
Scion Installation Art Space, 3521 Helms Ave. (at International), L.A.