Like many of his peers in the Detroit metro area, Alex “Omar” Smith (a.k.a. Omar-S) has a strong working relationship with the auto industry. Reputedly working for the Ford Motor Company as a quality control inspector, Omar-S just might be a perfect fit to release tracks on the only dance music label owned by a car company. Apparently we’re not the only people to think this, as his latest release, High School Graffiti, is set to drop on Toyota’s Scion A/V imprint with plenty of that distinct, mind-expanding Omar-S rawness. The EP will drop on August 9 as a free download on the Scion A/V website. The artwork and complete tracklisting is below.

1. Got the Drop on Dem
2. Gunup Runup
3. My Naffew Randy
4. Unitarian
5. Who’s in Key