If you’ve listened to anything by Diamond Watch Wrists, Savath Y Savalas, Piano Overlord, Delarosa and Asora, or Prefuse 73, then you have drunk from the deep musical well of Guillermo Scott Herren. The prolific musician, who currently bounces between residences in Barcelona, New York, and his hometown of Atlanta, GA, cut his musical teeth producing tracks for rappers in the Dirty South before crafting his first album, Sleep Method Suite, under the Delarosa and Asora alias in 1997. Since then, he has released numerous albums and singles, dabbling in punk rock, electronic music, and psychedelia, in addition to experimental hip-hop.

This year, Herren is going above and beyond his past production output by releasing three unique albums in a cycle under various monikers: La Llama, under his Savath y Savalas guise, Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian, as Prefuse 73, and a Diamond Wrist Watch Wrists project, Ice Capped At Both Ends. Three’s a charm, and here’s a little bit about each release.

Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian is out on April 14 on Warp. On this album, Herren recorded to analog Ampex tape, giving the sound an ancient quality not possible to achieve with digital recording. Those eager to put their ears on Herren’s creative offerings can also look forward to guest appearances by fellow Savath Y Savalas member (and co-producer) Robert Carlos Lange, School of Seven Bells’ vocalist Claudia Deheza, drummer Zach Hill, Dimitri Grimm, and Gaslamp Killer.

01 Periodic Measurements of Infrequent Smiles
02 Hairy Faces (stress)
03 Parachute Panador
04 NoNo
05 Punish
06 Half up Front
07 Sexual Fantasy Scale
08 DEC. Machine Funk all ERA’s
09 Get em High
10 Ampexian Tribe of a Lesser Time
11 When is a good time?
12 Fountains of Spring
13 Whipcream Eyepatch
14 Regalo
15 Rubber Stems
16 Oh Is It
17 Four Reels Collide
18 Fringertip Trajectories
19 Violent Bathroom Exchange
20 Natures Uplifting Revenge
21 Yuletide
22 Simple Loop Choir
23 No Lights Still Rock – Feat. Dimlite
24 Gaslamp Killer Feedback Text
25 Digan Lo
26 Preperation’s Kids Choir
27 Pitch Pipe
28 Periodic Measurements of Infrequent Frowns
29 Formal Dedications

Next in the lineup, out April 28 on Warp, will be Ice Capped at Both Ends, the debut LP of Diamond Watch Wrists, Herren’s newest collaboration with the aforementioned Hill (Hella, Marnie Stern). The album will focus on organic vocals, guitar, and drums, and cover ’60s European acid-folk, kraut-rock, and American singer/songwriter material.

Ice Capped:
01 My Last Time In This Place
02 Politely
03 One Second Early
04 Onward Push Me Out
05 Diamond Falling Off My Grill
06 Dot Org Green Consumered
07 Start Wrong
08 Simple Love Notes
09 Speculative Forensic Investigation
10 Epedemic Epedemics
11 Taped Up Swagger
12 Ending
13 My Spirit (Japanese Bonus)

Finally, Herren will round out his trilogy on May 12 with another Savath y Savelas release, La Llama, which also marks his Stones Throw debut. Along with Catalan singer/songwriter Eva Puyuelo Muns and multi-instrumentalist Roberto Carlos Lange, he’ll dip into South-American psych-folk music, taking additional inspiration from the indie Brazilian music scene of the ’70s. The album will be released digitally beginning March 16, via the Stones Throw website.

La Llama:
01 Intro
02 La Llama
03 Las 7 Sendas
04 Carajillo
05 Una Cura
06 Pavo Real
07 El Colleccionista
08 Sounds of Bowery
09 La Loba
10 Pajaros en Cadaques
11 Me Voy
12 Untitled
13 Barceloneta
14 Postlude
15 No Despierta
16 Adeu