Scott Monteith (a.k.a. Deadbeat) will release his next full-length with Field Records.

Qawwali Quatsch is Berlin-based Canadian producer Scott Monteith’s first album under his birth name—a move made in tandem with a stylistic shift in his productions, too. Inspired by a performance he caught from Asif Ali Kahn’s Qawwal band last year, Monteith has ditched his typical Deadbeat dub techno sound, instead presenting a new project that divulges his interpretation of the South Asian Sufi devotional music.

Dutch imprint Field Records (which has also put out music by the likes of Artefakt, Iori and Szare) describes the record as “a sympathetically infused album that ably captures the spirit of the revelatory, life changing music that is Qawwali, and an entry quite unlike any other in his now vast catalog.”

Listeners can expect “transcendental sounds combined with hypnotic violins and voices,” for which Monteith recruited long-time friend Sophie Trudeau of Canadian post-rock band Godspeed You Black Emperor! Anyone who attended last month’s Berlin Atonal festival will have had the chance to catch Monteith performing the upcoming LP.

Qawwali Quatsch is due out October 31. Stream snippets from the album below.


A1. Ghazal 1
A2. Ghazal 2
A3. Ghazal 3
A4. Ghazal 4
B1. Ghazal 5
B2. Ghazal 6
B3. The Unveiling Of The Veiled
B4. Ghazal 7