Scuba will soon be releasing Phenix 2, the second in a trilogy of EPs that have been designed to showcase a moodier, more atmospheric dancefloor sensibility from the Berlin-based DJ/producer. Like the inaugural installment in the series, Phenix 2 will arrive via Scuba’s own Hotflush label, and is said to eschew the “euphoric hallmarks” that have characterized past releases like 2012’s Personality LP in favor of dissonance and gritty, hedonistic techno. The press materials go on to highlight the record’s “cocksure improvisation, heads-down escapism, and ardor in restraint,” but we won’t know for sure until Phenix 2 lands on June 30. In the meantime, however, some preview clips have been made available, along with the EP artwork and tracklist, all of which can be found below.

A1 Aphids
A2 Choke
B1 Solitary Confinement
B2 Distance