Scuba (a.k.a. Paul Rose) has revealed details of a forthcoming album, entitled Claustrophobia. According to a press release, the 10-track effort serves as a culmination to all previous outings—most recently the Phenix EP trilogy for Rose’s own Hotflush label—which have “zigzagged through bass, techno, and house, at times dark and contemplative, at others bright and anthemic.” The album is said to have been inspired by a performance at Japanese techno festival Labyrinth, and will see an official release on March 23 via Hotflush. Until then, a video for LP cut “Why You Feel So Low” can be watched here, and both its artwork and complete tracklist have been posted below.

1. Levitation
2. Why You Feel So Low
3. Television
4. Drift
5. PCP
6. All I Think About Is Death
7. Needle Phobia
8. Family Entertainment
9. Black on Black
10. Transience