It’s not exactly a question that has kept us up at night, but from time to time, we have certainly wondered when we would be hearing from Hampshire native Jami Welch (a.k.a. Seams) again. Following a string of intriguing releases in 2010 and 2011, the man has been considerably quiet on the production front, but that silence is set to end this September, when Seams’ debut LP sees a release via the Full Time Hobby label. Welch will add nine tracks to his short but nonetheless impressive discography—which includes the introductoryTourist EP and the “Focus Energy” b/w “Motive Order” single for Pictures—with Quarters, an album said to have been recorded across four different locations around Berlin. No audio has yet surfaced from the forthcoming record, but its artwork and tracklist can be perused before Quarters drops on September 16, below. (via Juno Plus)

01 ClapOne
02 Constants
03 Pocket
04 Sitcom Apartment
05 Iceblerg
06 Hurry Guests
07 Rilo
08 TXL