Seb Wildblood has announced his second album with the release of a new single, For Emotional Use Only.

Do You Feel It Too?, the album, is described by Wildblood as a “sonic time capsule” soundtracking his life changes after relocating from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles. Fusing ’90s piano chords with groove-laden, minimalist tech-house sentiments, its fuelled by the Los Angeles landscape and informed by his early education and influences in dance music. We’re also told that it “celebrates a renewed sense of togetherness and empathy after a period of relative solitude.” It’s a record largely directed at the dancefloor, touching on many of the references that have led Wildblood to this point in his sonic journey.

The album lands on All My Thoughts, Wildblood’s own label launched in 2019. Previous releases have come from Tom VR and Wildblood himself. Since Wildblood put out his debut album, Sketches, there, the label has become a staple home for subtly euphoric, deeply moving sounds, primed for meditative dancefloor moments.

The new single is accompanied by a limited run of vinyl, numbered 1 to 50. It comes with previous single “Jobi” on the the flip.

Speaking on the single, Wildblood says: “When approaching the album track selection, I’d often thought of it as a DJ set, and wonder where each track could fit. ‘For Emotional Use Only’ is definitely the crescendo of the record, built for those peak time moments.”

For more information on Wildblood, check out his XLR8R podcast here.


A. For Emotional Use Only
B. Jobi

For Emotional Use Only is available now. You can order it here and stream it in full below.