Photo: Dan Medhurst

Seb Wildblood will release his debut album, sketches of transition, on July 26 via his own all my thoughts

The 10-track LP comes off the back of the London artist’s Grab The Wheel EP, which saw him experimenting with more classic ’90s-tinged sounds, from deep melodic garage to atmospheric Chicago house, and even reverb-soaked dub techno. 

We’re told to expect a “deeply personal” album debut made of organic textures and soulful musicality, shaped by moments of his artistic evolution. It was written over the course of two years during a period of new beginnings, emotional endings, and moments of personal loss. “What we’re left with are 10 tracks that reflect life’s winding journey,” the label explains. 

“Music is a way of escape for me, I want the listener to be able to use this record as a form of escape, too,” says Wildblood. “I think it’s fair to say I struggle with anxiety; I find it difficult to be completely in the moment, it’s something I’m working on, but whilst making this record I was completely in the moment.”


01. sketches

02. twenty eight

03. thought for food feat. mauv

04. small talk

05. bahn

06. amelia feat. mauv

07. one for Malcolm

08. muscle memory

09. ghostie ft buddy love

10. of transition

sketches of transition LP lands July 26 via all my thoughts.