Sweden’s Sebastian Mullaert, most widely associated for his work as one half of Minilogue, is set for a new release on Hypercolour.

Entitled Windmaker, the two-tracker consists an original mix and a rework by Ukrainian producer, Vakula.

At nearly 13 minutes long, “Windmaker” (Original Mix) bubbles and teases with freestyle keys with a Middle Eastern flavour, as Mullaert plays snake charmer to his machines, coaxing out deft melodies, airy cymbals and on point beats and percussion. It’s a track to completely get lost in, and that you’re likely to have heard—and probably noted—if you have seen Mullaert perform over recent months.


01. Windmaker (Original Mix)
02. Windmaker (Vakula Remix)

Windmaker is scheduled for June 10 release.