Sebastien Tellier, who last released new material in 2008 in the form of lascivious synth-pop record Sexuality, has announced a new full-length to be released via the Record Makers imprint on April 16. The new effort, titled My God Is Blue, is already being touted as “his most profound and fully-realized album yet” and the album on which Tellier “achieves his spiritual maturity.” How he manages to upstage a record whose cover shows him riding a horse over a woman’s naked body remains to be seen, but judging from this teaser video for “Pepito Bleu,” Tellier’s realm of self-actualization appears to be downright messianic. For those worried about Tellier moving toward pretentiousness, we recommend taking a look at this XLR8R TVepisode from 2009, which shows that he’s not one to take himself too seriously. Take a peek at the tracklist for the new album, as well as some artwork, below.

01. Pepito Bleu
02. The Colour Of Your mind
03. Sedulous
04. Cochon Ville
05. Magical Hurricane
06. Russian Attractions
07. Mayday
08. Draw Your World
09. My Poseidon
10. Against The Law
11. My God is Blue
12. Yes It’s Possible