ALSO—the collaborative project between Appleblim and Second Storey—is preparing to release its first full-length outing via R&S in April. The self-titled LP compiles tracks from a trio of ALSO 12″s (EP1 and EP2 are already out; EP3 arrives on March 30) and is said to build on the duo’s shared affinity for “machine rhythms and sleek electronic grooves.” The nine-track collection opens with IDM-influenced exclusive “Arpegmonger,” before cycling through the “uptempo cyborg funk of ‘Blyford Bass,’ heavyweight bass of ‘Dive Prophets,’ bleeping synth squiggles of ‘Formation,'” and more.

ALSO will see an official release on April 6, and its complete tracklist and artwork have been posted below; “Blyford Bass,” meanwhile, can be heard in full here.

1. Arpegmonger
2. Dive Prophets
3. Blyford Bass
4. Raves
5. Sid’s Conundrum
6. Rant Check: Parts 1 & 2
7. Ashford Swaiths
8. Formation
9. PGs