Secret Circuit (a.k.a. prolific Los Angeles-based artist Eddie Ruscha, Jr.) has announced plans to release his next LP this spring via Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space label. Since the mid-’90s, Ruscha Jr. has dropped singles and full-lengths that dabble in what he describes as “cosmic jam-jazz with hints of tropical psychedelics,” and judging from our first taste of his Tactile Galatics album, “Afterlife,” his new record should deliver similar vibes. Below, you can stream “Afterlife” (available on 12″ now) and check out the artwork and tracklist for Secret Circuit’s forthcoming double-LP before Beats in Space releases it on April 30.

1. Higher Heights
2. Escargot
3. Nebula Sphynx
4. Afterlife

5. Deep Stations
6. Sync Or Swim
7. Words In Transit
8. Parascopic Rope
9. Mountains
10. Rogue Unit
11. Exalter
12. Milk