Claudio PRC will release his next album in January.

Volumi Dinamici, Claudio Porceddu’s second studio full-length (following on from his 2012 debut on Prologue), will be be released via Svreca‘s Semantica imprint early next year. The Italian techno producer previously contributed to the label with a solo production in its 10th anniversary series earlier this year, as well as remixing an Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist collaboration.

The forthcoming album is made up of 11 dark techno and ambient tracks, accompanied by the same number of illustrations, all of which are “characterized by a common technical and compositional approach.” It borrows its name from a work by Italian artist Luigi Russolo and was inspired by the futurist movement’s (which Russolo was a part of) concepts of movement and dynamism. Porceddu collaborates with Blazej Malinowski and Dino Sabatini on a couple of the album’s cuts.

Volumi Dinamici will be released January 30, 2017. Pre-order it and stream snippets at


01. Massa
02. Disteso (feat. Blazej Malinowski)
03. Ostinato
04. Aleatorio
05. Nova
06. Velato
07. Nitido
08. Segmento
09. Materia
10. Riflesso (feat. Dino Sabatini)
11. Distacco