Semantica has released details of the next two chapters in its ten-year anniversary series.

Svreca‘s Madrid-based imprint has been celebrating ten years in business with a special series of compilation EPs, bringing together some of the biggest names in the techno world. The Spanish label head has now revealed details of the next two chapters, which will drop early next month.

First up is Semantica 10.VII, which features music from fellow Spaniard Oscar Mulero, Avian‘s Shifted, Yves De Mey, and Dropping the same day is Semantica 10.VIII, which features a Regis remix of an unreleased Svreca cut, plus material from NeelSHXCXCHCXSH, and a Ctrls remix of Svaag.

Semantica 10.VII and Semantica 10.VIII will be released April 3. Stream snippets from both below.


Semantica 10.VII
A1. Shifted “White Flares”
A2. Yves De Mey “Piston Rings”
B1. Oscar Mulero “Subterranean”
B2. “Ecate Trigemina”

Semantica 10.VIII
A1. Svreca “Peels A Tangerine” (Regis Remix)
A2. Neel “Souls On The Run”
B1. Svaag “Saade” (Ctrls Remix)
B2. SHXCXCHCXSH “Blomk√•l”