Following two years of abstinence, Senking (a.k.a. Jens Massel) returns to raster-noton with a new album, entitled Closing Ice. 

Massel’s experimental work is a lot about organic dynamics and also about a certain atmosphere that often feels like listening to a soundtrack. The nine tracks of the album are intently dedicated to his distinctively bass-heavy and atmospheric compositions. The mid-tempo grooves leave plenty of room for his sawing, war-declaring sounds that are unfolding expressive and gloomy but nevertheless warm soundscapes.

Ahead of the album’s September 25 release, a cinematic trailer can be streamed in full below.


01 scouts and spies

02 serpent

03 dustclouds

04 grolar

05 winter brevet

06 lighthouse hustle

07 swarming

08 hitchhiker perspective

09 miller’s meadow