Following the release of its self-titled debut LP in 2011, we haven’t heard much from Sepalcure. (In fairness, last year did see the release of the Eternally Yrs EP, but that record primarily showcased the titular cut, itself a track from Sepalcure, and a pair of remixes.) It’s not that the group’s two members haven’t been busy, as both Brooklyn-based Praveen Sharma (a.k.a. Braille) and Berlin-based Travis Stewart (a.k.a. Machinedrum) have been dropping new music and occupying themselves with other musical exploits. Yet it appears that the two haven’t forgotten about Sepalcure, as the group is poised to release a new EP next month. On April 15, Hotflush will be unveiling Make You, a five-track effort that’s said to be full of, “heartbreaking melodies, skittering footwork percussion, chopped guitar cuts, and infectious tremelo vocals.” The EP artwork and tracklist are below, and the record is available for preorder here.

a1. Make You
a2. He Said No
b1. The Water’s Fine
b2. Rumours
b3. DMD