“This record represents the foundations of Low End.” – The Gaslamp Killer

Following the second annual Low End Theory Festival and its ten-year anniversary, the iconic Los Angeles collective and residency known as Low End Theory has come together with Serato to present an unprecedented vinyl collaboration.

The vinyl features original productions from some of the core members of the L.E.T. crew which includes The Gaslamp Killer, DJ Nobody, Daddy Kev, and Nocando. While the A and C sides of the records present new original joints from the revered LA artists, the B and D sides feature Low End Theory branded Serato control tones.

The original jacket and label artwork by surreal, kaleidoscopic collagist Albane Simon.

You can purchase the Serato x Low End Theory control vinyl by going here.


 A1: Nocando – A Cappella #1

A2: Nobody – BGH Rhythm Track
A3: Daddy Kev – Strong Johnson
A4: GLK – Up and Down
A5: D-Styles – Scratch Sentences #1
B1: Serato Control Tone – CV02.5 (15min)
C1: Nobody – On Our Way to Steal Your Girl
C2: Daddy Kev – Owl of Minerva
C3 : GLK – Oscillating Lucifer
C4: Nocando – A Cappella #2
C5: D-Styles – Scratch Sentences #2
D1 : Serato Control Tone – CV02.5 (15min)