Serena-Maneesh lead singer Emil Nikolaisen was once quoted in XLR8R as saying, “every song should have a personality and an upbringing. They’re like kids.”

He and his bandmates must have had their hands full over the last several months then, because the Norway-based indie rockers just announced not one but two albums to drop on September 23 via Smalltown Supersound.

The entire package is titled S-M Backwards, and it’s two discs of re-mastered tracks that originally appeared on 2002’s EP Fixxations and the Zur†ck EP. This is the first time these tunes will hit Stateside, thanks to some old-fashioned distribution methods that kept them confined to Norway all these years. Labelmate and erstwhile graphic designer Kim Hiorthøy stepped up to do the artwork.

S-M Backwards

01 Drive Me Home The Lonely Nights (Noise Miami mix)
02 Hear Bleed Phil Harmonic (NJ Recreation Room mix)
03 Blues Like Beehive II (L.A. Observatory mix)
04 Oxygen, Please! (Grandsport Mix)
05 Drive Me Home The Lonely Nights
06 Blues Like Beehive
07 Ballad Of Jezebel
08 Hear/Bleed Phil Harmonic
09 Oxygen, Please!
Video: Drive Me Home The Lonely Nights

01 Sehnsucht/Drag Me Upstairs (NJ Recreation Room mix)
02 Death Parade, Slow
03 Leipziger Love Life (ancient mix)
04 Introspection
05 Leipziger Love
06 Degenerate
07 Sehnsucht/Drag Me Upstairs
08 Never
Video: Degenerate

Photo By Lars Petter Pettersen.