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Serpente has released Fé/Vazio, a new album, on Ecstatic.

Serpente is an alias of Bruno Silva, from Portugal. Silva is also known as Ondness, founded in 2009 with Em Afogando, one of several CDR and tape self-releases shared under a slew of different monikers. While Ondness deals personally with Silva’s obsessions, anxieties, and hauntings, Serpente is more “strict,” Silva says, and focused on percussion. He put out Parada, his first full album as Serpente, in 2019.

Whereas Parada was made in homage to Prince’s Parade album, Fé/Vazio is a reference to Dischord‘s legendary Faith/Void split long-player.

Musically, it draws “thrilling, jagged lines” between the jazz fusions of the ’60s and ’70s, the Afro-Futurist pinnacles of ’90s Detroit, and UK-based techno and its various offshoots, like broken beat, jungle, and IDM.

Like Parada, Fé / Vazio comes to “restlessly fulfil a physical and spiritual need for this kind of music right now,” we’re told, with six newly produced tracks of “properly mazy rhythmic psychedelia.”

Only 300 copies of the blue vinyl are available, and they include an instant download of the album.

To learn more about Silva, listen to his XLR8R podcast as Ondness, a captivating meditation on troubled times.


01. Visitação
02. Nível De Fumo
03. Rainhas
04. Razia
05. Em Sendo
06. Escalpe

Fé / Vazio LP is available now via Boomkat. Meanwhile, you can stream “Rainhas” below.

Editor’s Note: Bandcamp links will be added when they’re available.