Severin from Opal Tapes duo Lyra Valenza will release a debut EP later this month, titled Safe Following Distance.

Severin is the new latest project of Danish DJ-producer Jens Konrad Barrett, also active in the Opal Tapes-signed duo Lyra Valenza and co-running the Petrola 80 label. Besides his appearance on the compilation I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You released on Posh Isolation earlier this year, Safe Following Distance is the first material to see the light of day under his Severin moniker.

Bearing traces from his earlier synth ambient project Sansernes Rus as well as his previous engagement in the Danish noise and techno scene, this debut EP operates on the fringes of percussive techno, melodic ambient, and bass music with nods to several other styles, including IDM. We’re told that the release “reflects a very adventurous approach to music making.”

Thematically the record is inspired by the continuously growing phenomenon of internet stalking and the increasing access to personal information and data of other human beings as a consequence of digitalization and the rise of social media.


01. New Partial Freedom
02. A Distance In Between
03. Share Location
04. Infinity

Safe Following Distance will land on April 20 via Petrola 80, with “New Partial Freedom” streaming in full above.