Sex Judas has a new LP on the way on Optimo Music.

Revealed as the project of Norwegian producer Tore Gjedrem of Ost & Kjex fame, Sex Judas was launched to provide a world of free experimentation, as Tore explains: “I wanted to create a world where any musical idea is possible, wound together by the world and word of Judas, the ultimate sinner, reborn as a child of Venus.”

Inspired by musical elements from Africa, ’80s NYC, Norwegian new wave, and acid house, the project is an intriguing musical melting pot that channels Tore’s “love of comix, bohemia, and a fascination with human vices, the unspoken, the Red Light districts, and the alleys of the mind into his alter ego.”

The new album, titled Go Down Judas, features contributions by friends in the Oslo scene, such as DJ Pål Strangefruit Nyhus, composer Ole-Henrik Moe, jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, Sidiki Camara, and multi-instrumentalist Ivar Snuten Winther, and touches on everything from blues, funk, disco, and post-punk to IDM, acid house, and outer-electronics.

The album will be available on May 18 as a 2 x vinyl LP and digitally, with album cut “All Good Junkies” streaming in full below.