It has been some time since we’ve heard from Shackleton, the Berlin-based Woe to the Septic Heart label boss and bass-focused experimental producer. Nearly two years after releasing his Music for the Quiet Hour/The Drawbar Organ EPs box set, the artist born Sam Shackleton has announced that his next record is set to drop this month. With the title Freezing Opening Thawing and artwork by longtime collaborator Zeke Clough, Shackelton’s three-song 12″ is said to be a “move away from sample manipulation in favor of synthesis,” with “tracks intended for the [dancefloor] with an involved narrative, poly-rhythmic percussive elements, and a psychedelic edge.” Anyone interested can hear exactly what that sounds like in the player below, where each of the forthcoming record’s tracks can be previewed ahead of their release on January 20. (via Juno Plus)

A. Freezing Opening Thawing
AA1. White Flower with Silvery Eye
AA2. Silver Keys