Bristol DJ-producer Shanti Celeste has shared a track from her upcoming EP on her own Peach Discs—the label’s first release.

As well as becoming the “main home” for her music, Peach Discs will soon release music from a new Bristol duo called Fred and a producer called Samuel, “as well as many others,” says Celeste, whose most recent appearances were on Max D’s Future Times imprint and Objekt’s Kern Vol.3 mix for Tresor.

Celeste—who has also had releases on BRSTL and Julio Bashmore’s Broadwalk label over the past few years—went on to describe the A-side as an “emotional and energetic breaksy number” and the flip side “a tough and bass heavy cut.”


A. Loop One
B. Selector

Untitled EP is scheduled for February 10 release, with “Selector” streamable in full below.