Photo: Leonardo Scotti

Shapednoise (real name Nino Pedone) will debut on Numbers with his new album, Aesthesis.

Due out on November 8, Aesthesis is Pedone’s first album since his 2015 full-length, Different Selves. Over the nine tracks, there’s a “controlled collision of noise and metal with rave and hardcore,” the Glasgow label explains. Pedone’s penchant for the peak energies of gritty techno and modern rap/trap bleed through, with earth-shattering blocks of bass and beats conveyed within his practice of sonic sculpture. “Aesthesis melts these sounds down, evolving them into something new of his own—a complex, hybrid being designed to be played loud,” Numbers continues.

A series of artistic collaborations are heard throughout the album, including multimedia artist E. Jane’s alter ego MHYSA and Justin K Broadrick, founding member of Godflesh and ZONAL. Scottish legend Drew McDowall and Rabit, founder of Halcyon Veil, also feature.

Outside of his two albums and various EPs, Pedone runs two labels, namely Cosmo Rhythmatic and REPITCH.


01. Intriguing In The End feat. Mhysa
02. Blaze feat. Justin K Broadrick
03. Elevation
04. Rayleigh Scattering
05. The Foolishness Of Human Endeavour
06. CRx Aureal
07. Blasting Super Melt
08. Unflinching
09. Moby Dick feat. Drew McDowall & Rabit

Aesthesis LP lands November 8, with an album teaser and a “CRx Aureal” streaming below.