Shaun Reeves will release The Eye That Sees Us All, his debut album, on Visionquest in July.

The Eye That Sees Us All finds the now Los Angeles-based, Michigan-born artist circling back to intimate club world where he’s always felt most at home. After years touring the world as part of the Visionquest collective, he found himself in a musical place he no longer enjoyed. So when the other members—Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, and Seth Troxler—decided to focus on their own thing for a while, he sunk back into his original community in Berlin, where he began to play cosy parties at Club der Visionäre and reconnected with stripped-back techno he’s always loved.

What followed was an intense couple of years of focused studio work. As he adapted to a new workflow and immersed himself in the world of modular synthesis, a bunch of new tracks and sounds that came out that subconsciously circled back to his earliest releases on labels like Raum…musik. All these tracks are heavily influenced by his time in Berlin and the lessons learned there, making this album what he calls a “musical statement of gratitude.” It lands with “eternal thanks” to Julien Bonnot, a friend of Reeves who shared a wealth of engineering knowledge with him to really elevate his sound.


A1. The Eye That See U
A2. Lucy Sky Diamond
B1. Arethusa
B2. Temple Day
C1. Clair de Lune
C2. Morose
D1. 5 Signs
D2. Tropik Sadness

The Eye That Sees Us All LP is scheduled for July 23 release. We’ll add clips and pre-order links as they become available.