New York native Shawn O’Sullivan will return to Avian as 400PPM.

Fit for Purpose will be his first full-length under the alias, following on from EPs on Avian in 2013 and 2016.

As an artist, O’Sullivan has long since explored the juncture between hard-hitting, functional dancefloor material and more lofty, conceptual work. From a purely structural standpoint, the artist’s return to Avian bears all the hallmarks of previous output under the alias, “utilizing the same palette” found on these earlier EP’s for Guy Brewer’s label, according to the imprint. “Stripped back and driven, the music marries caustic drum-machine polyrhythms with warping, pitch bent leads and characteristically atmospheric use of reverb,” continues the label, which promises a “decidedly dancefloor offering.”

The LP artwork and sleeve notes feature photographs taken from Ernie Garcia’s extraordinary chronicle “Fabulosity.” The photo book, featuring images taken by Alexis Dibasio, documents the wildly flamboyant club scene that ruled New York in the late ’80s and early ’90s, centered around The Roxy, Love Machine and most famously, The Limelight.

Of Dibasio’s images, O’Sullivan notes that, ‘… they capture that turning point from reverie to terror, a cherished moment…,’ it’s certainly an emotional shift most people will understand, and an atmosphere that courses through the record, which stands to bear as a collection of some of the artist’s finest work.

Avian is also giving away a set of free 400PPM locked grooves, which you can find here.


01. Bølling Oscillation
02. Metabolic Grift
03. New Expiration (featuring Rose E. Kross)
04. Sintered Bauxite
05. Cladogenesis
06. Into the Heap
07. Fit for Purpose
08. 8.069
09. Larsen C
10. Mauna Loa Lows

Fit for Purpose is scheduled for May 15 release via Avian.