Berlin-based producer René Pawlowitz (a.k.a. Shed) has dropped a surprise nine-track EP under his Head High alias entitled Megatrap. His first outing under the rave leaning-guise since May of last year, the record includes three variations of the breaks-laden title track, and revisits the project’s anthemic debut single “It’s A Love Thing.” Out now via the DJ/producer’s own Power House label, previews can be heard via German record store Hard Wax, which has also unveiled a new line of 100% organic cotton Power House merchandise just in time for open air season. The full tracklist and artwork for Megatrap are included below.

01 Hex Factor
02 It’s A Love Thing (The XXX Mono Mix)
03 Megatrap (Real Mix)
04 Megatrap (4F Mix)
05 Hex Pad
06 Megatrap (Mix Mix)
07 Power Seat
08 Think It
09 The Higher (V2014)