René Pawlowitz (a.k.a. Shed) will release a new album, titled The Final Experiment, on Monkeytown Records.

Under the Shed moniker, Pawlowitz has released three highly ambitious albums, the last of which, The Killer, arrived almost five years ago—his first away from Ostgut Ton. The label describes the release a “temporary highlight” of Pawlowitz’ musical evolution, and says that it established Shed “as one of the most interesting and substantial electronic music artists of our time.”


01. Xtra
02. Razor Control
03. Outgoing Society
04. Black Heart
05. Extreme SAT
06. Flaf2
07. Taken Effect
08. ER1761
09. Turn 2 Turn
10. Call 32075!
11. System azac

The Final Experiment is scheduled for on March 3.