It’s putting it lightly to say that Sherard Ingram has an impressive resume. Famously kicking off his career with a residency at a motorcycle bar in Detroit (with Moodymann of all people), Ingram later went on to be Drexciya’s tour DJ, DJ Stingray. As a producer, Ingram’s no slouch either, and he’s recently supplemented the seminaltracks made under his Urban Tribe alias by reviving the DJ Stingray moniker to create unfathomably funky electro cuts. With an album on the way, he’s just announced the imminent release of Electronic Countermeasures, a four-track EP out August 30 on his own Micron Audio Detroit imprint. Check below for the album art and tracklisting.

A1. 2 Point 4 GHz ISM
A2. Signal Analysis
B1. VLF Device
B2. Spread Spectrum

Update: Apparently, Ingram has been quite busy on the production front, as we also received word that another EP, Misinformation Campaign, is in the works. Composed under the moniker Stingray313 and set for release in September via the Austrian Trust label, the four-track record can be previewed here. The artwork and tracklist have been posted below.

A1 Herd Instinct
A2 Street Theatre
B1 Who’s Watching the Watchers
B2 Defect