Having only just published our last Ask The Experts feature, we’re now moving swiftly onto our next one—this time with Guy Brewer (a.k.a Shifted), of sound artistry’s most exciting and forward-thinking figures.

After departing his esteemed group Commix, Brewer uprooted his UK drum & bass beginnings and started Shifted—a project that has become known for its mastery of sound and space, texture, and tonalities. From his debut on Luke Slater’s Mote Evolver label, to Dominick Fernow’s (Vatican Shadow) Hospital Productions and Bed Of Nails, and to his recent recordings for his own smartly curated imprint, Avian—home to techno experiments from Alessandro Cortini‘s Skarn, Peder Mannerfelt, SHXCXCHCXSH, and more—Brewer’s work radiates in its capacity to meld to context and circumstance without artistic compromise, and at once to color outside purist lines, push boundaries, and provoke thought in a call to progressive techno, electronic, noise and experimental music as a whole.

With the intention of pushing various forays further, Brewer has also birthed numerous other projects, notably the techno-drone outfit Covered In Sand (with releases on Avian’s sister label, Mira, Ascetic House, and more) and the doomy soundtrack wielding of Alexander Lewis (home on Blackest Ever Black, Vereker’s Endangered Species). In this versatility there is a steadfast dedication to a perpetual movement forward—arguably leaving Brewer to embody a pure, unadulterated spirit of what it means to be an electronic musician: a rebel artist treading new territories with a fascination and fixation to craft brilliance with a new noise.

Now is your chance to ask Brewer your questions on music, life, or anything you wish. All questions should be sent to [email protected] with “Shifted” as the subject line. We’ll pass them along to Brewer who will then select his favorites, and soon we’ll publish his answers.