Photo: Nathalie Mellbye

Danish producer and live performer SØS Gunver Ryberg will debut on Shifted’s Avian with a mini-LP titled Entangled

Entangled is comprised of six rhythmic, club-focused pieces, broken up with four “microcompositions,” as the label describes them. “Finely textured and rendered in detail, they give a glimpse of Ryberg’s capacity for mesmerising sound design,” we’re told.

The mini-LP follows the Danish composer’s six-track EP on Paula Temple’s Noise Manifesto and an original score for the film “Cutterhead.”


A1. Palacelike Timescale of Black 

A2. Spacelike Orphan

A3. Trispider

A4. The Presence_Eurydike

A5. Quantum Skull

A6. Levitation

A7. Rabenlandschaft 

A8. Magnetic Force 

A9. Biophotons

A10. Silver Thread

Entangled LP lands June 28, with “Magnetic Force” streaming below.