Shlohmo will put out his latest album, The End, via Friends of Friends and Wedidit on March 22.

The 13-track album is the Los Angeles producer’s first full-length offering since 2015’s Dark Red. Focus since then has been on collaborating with artists like Post Malone, Joji, Chance The Rapper, Yung Lean, and Lil Yachty, as well as writing a score for A24 film Share. 

We’re told to expect a “thunderous apocalyptic masterpiece” that sees Shlohmo, real name Henry Laufer, drawing inspiration from his interest in cults who view the end of days as an occasion to relish; “it is the sound of impending doom bringing calmness in its futility,” the labels explain. It’s made up of lo-fi compositions of the broken parts of daily life, all tied together by an overarching theme of aesthetic decay. 


01. Rock Music 

02. The End 

03. Hopeless 

04. Eating Away 

05. Headache Of The Year 

06. Ungrateful 

07. Staring At A Wall 

08. We Sat In The Car 

09. Panic Attack 

10. Watching A Video 

11. The Best Of Me 

12. By Myself 

13. Still Life 

Friends Of Friends/Wedidit will release The End on March 22, with the title cut below.