Late June will see the arrival of Taapion founders Shlømo & AWB’s new collaborative project Eyssenah, as the duo unveil their debut five-track EP, titled Stardust Breaker.

Founded in 2013, Parisian imprint Taapion Records has become a go-to imprint for many, releasing material from the likes of François X, Bambounou, Antigone, and Roman Poncet alongside core label originators Shlømo, AWB, and PVNV. Following their debut live performance at Rainbow Serpent Festival under the new alias Eyssenah earlier this year, Shlømo and AWB have now revealed the project’s debut release, compiled of five tracks that “span intelligent, ambient sound design through to driving, precise techno cuts,” the label explains. 


01. Capsule

02. Dabla

03. Stardust Breaker

04. Ghost Kamikaze Attack

05. Saike

Stardust Breaker EP will land on June 20 via Taapion Records.